I have Questions

There are many questions I need to ask And there’s a lot I need to keep Those questions run a hundred miles marathon, Of which I couldn’t keep.

Let me start with “why,” as it requires a reason. Why does life have to be difficult in all functions? Why do people have to be cruel and outrageous? Has it been the way God designed this world?

With so much hate and envy, and greed this world has, Who am I gonna turn to in times of trouble? Who are we supposed to lend a hand and trust? Who can we still call friends without reservations?

What does life in store for us with all these uncertainties? What relationships do we have with people around? What kind of happiness do people look and see What definition can we give in the word humanity?

Dear God

Dear God,
I want to be rich. I want to be like other people Living in comfortable houses With terrace and balcony And fancy lamps all over fences.
Dear God,
I want to be rich I want to buy all gadgets and device I will go around malls buying and shopping At the end of the day I will ride my own Hyundai Tucson as I go around the town.
Dear God,
I want to be rich, I want my parents to experience the fruit of their sacrifices You see how difficult their lives were So they deserve a vacation somewhere.
Dear God,
I want to setup schools, I will be the head master and a teacher I will teach kids how to be rich And how to be blessed And how to thank God for blessings.
Dear God...
I know that I am rich. Deep in your love I dive and enjoy In the cares of my parents In the warm smiles of my true friends.
Dear God,
I want to be rich So I can also make others rich.


Rushing people approach the gate, Hurrying up, so not to be late, Some read books, a few awaits, Passports and tickets are at hand, While lining up at Airport of Thailand.
Some kids a-crying, some are laughing, Luggage and baggage full of something, Some were with friends, some were couple, Some were with sweethearts, and some were hopeful.
Sitting at the side bench, waiting for the call, Typing a lonely poem, for those single soul, Who, at one point, missed their flight, Yet hoping to fly soon before the New Year's night.

Life As We Know It

Life is a bird that flies in the air It is not gentle for it took away some feather But it is beautiful to think that you are free Life indeed is how it is to be.

Life is an ocean that let you see its depth You’ll be in awe for the wonder it brings You’ll see fishes, corals, and undiscovered species That is more surprising beyond you could imagine

Life is but a bud of rose It opens its beauty above the sky It closes once it’s done and tired It withers and falls on the ground.

Take it, all of you who wanders above the earth Young as you may be, but life is passing. Good things are around and memories are free Embrace life take it all the way!

A Secret Love

I see you every day, and your face is an everyday thing Though you seldom smile, yet when you do, it is majestic! And I can’t seem to find the perfect word whenever you’re near me It is electrifying, magnifying, and unbearably good.

You make me afraid, oh, how frightening it is To have you known what I am feeling inside For you might look down on me, and go a different way You may not look at me the way you now do.

So let this be inside me until the day it’s completely gone Let this be the one I know that you have no idea what Let this be the thing uncalled for and unpublished Let this be the only, and one truly secret love.