365 Days

I am on the other side of the world A thousand miles away from home Spending time in the land of the unknown And I can’t wait to return home.

365 days of sacrifices and independence, It took 12 months to stretch my patience The weeks felt like long as ever The day has come, and I couldn’t be happier

I am flying tonight from a thousand miles Like doves to return where they have their lives To the land I long to return though it is not for long 365 days are gone, and I will never be alone.

All I want from you

By: Sir N.E.B.

I never wanted a golden cup nor bars of gold. I never wanted linen clothes in an exquisite fold. I never wanted a lavish food nor expensive wines. I just wanted to have what life defines.
I never wanted an expensive car nor traveling afar. I never wanted those diamonds nor silvers in the altar. I never dreamed to live in a mansion nor a palace. I just wanted one thing in life that will absolutely last.
I never asked for anything effusive if it means less a life. I never want to have anything more than what is enough. I wanted to be the one you choose, and you miss. I wanted to be the one you hug and kiss.
Those things that glitter are nothing but dust They may shine but it will never last. For what is good and glorious are the ones we can’t see. But it is the one that we always feel and carry.
I want you to want me. I want your undying attention. I want you to hold me with no exception. I want you to be with me, ask me to be with you. And above all, I want you to say, “I love you.”

The Undying Love of an Abandoned Man

When the horizon comes in low vision And a sadden thought comes alone That seems to be a constant reminder Of the truth and that love I can’t own.
Oh, how I wish I could turn back time When your love is pure as honey and lime When I could smell your sweet perfume When I could touch you and feel I’m home.
Now that He stole you away from me I buried my heart no one can see. I poured all my affections in the box of memory And resided it into the deepest sea.
I am not without you, my love and sweet As I now see the world in pure black and gray I long for you and in a poignant way That my hope and dreams slowly die every day.
I know everything happens for a reason But why is it that the pure love has to be played? Fate it is that never fails to manipulate And now it is fate that I always hate.
I want you back, I want you here in my arms For I miss your warmth and our happy times If God will allow a fleeting turn I want you and take my heart upon your return.

Young Man from a Lone Mountain

A strong young man from the northern land came to the east
He has all his wealth and all his health put into the risk
He has a big heart, many has known him, he never been gone into a fist
But this time, he will wrestle with fate with chains in both his wrist.

A strong young man from the northern land is strong and just
All he does all the day is to work his brain out in the dust
He will carry his joy and all his pain while he works if he must
But sometimes all he needed was none, except his family's trust.

Now he works not for his dreams, but for others to live
Now he works not for his life, but for others' dreams
He has none now, all exhausted, all tired, he has less to give,
But it doesn't mean he has to stop, although his soul loudly screams.

Never stop young man, I know life is unfair
The end of the tunnel is nowhere yet, but I know there is a lair
Rest if you must, but never quit, cause I know it's just in the air
Time will come, we will be in the snow wearing v…

I want to stop

I guess it is time to tell myself to stop It is the only way to move forward Even though it hurts so bad, Because this is what I know I never had.

Stop is the only word I know that can help To ease the pain and continue living It is the only word that can help To mend this broken heart and keep.

I want to stop because I always hope. I want to stop because I always seek. I always expect and the feeling I share. I want to stop because you don’t care.

Maybe you’re too good for me to handle You are wonderful but you seemed don’t care. I hate myself because I dream of you and me I want to stop because it is a thing you don’t feel and see.

It hurts so bad. It hurts I know and I wanted to stop.